Sunday, February 20, 2011

Would you have the courage to leave the theater? Read this.

In Rainhut, a few natural inhabitants of our recreated Earth have a chance to leave and join an advanced civilization in what, to us, is the future. A future where immortality is within their grasp. I've asked several people if they would accept this gift and travel to the stars and join the builders of this version of the Earth...our Earth. Would you have the courage to stand up and leave the theater that they have created for you? Or would you prefer to continue this path, on this planet, a planet that is a recreation of the original Earth? Choose your friends wisely because some may be visiting their creation.

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  1. Well, Immortality is already been solved. We just don't remember too much of it. So maybe the trick is to be able to transfer all the pieces to one central collector to be accessed at will. Then we can watch vids of our own real reality show instead of Big Brother...unless that was one of the pieces...then we'd say to ourselves: What was I thinking!!! ....sigh.