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Rainmaker (IOS)  

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Step by Step Setup Guide for Swift & Objective-C


FIRST , Signup, Create an APP and obtain your Public & Secret security keys for your APP.


Sample Code is Available on Github


Github Objective-C Sample


Github Swift Sample


Prerequisite You will need IOS 8.0  or higher and Xcode 6.0 installed on your system.  Get the latest at Apple’s IOS Dev Center. Then follow these Steps.


Coming Soon Cocoa Pods one line installation

Step 1 Become a Rainhut Partner and

Obtain the SDK

click here


Last Updated 07-18-2016

This Button Sends You To

The Contacts Page. Please Request Rainmaker SDK 2.0


Become a Rainhut Partner

rev share


Step 2 Include Rainmaker in your project

From where you downloaded, Copy the SDK Items into your project


a) Drag RainhutRainmaker.framework into your project.


b)  Drag RainhutRainmakerResources.bundle into your project


The files should show up in your project.  The RainhutRainmaker.framework should now be included in your Build Phases Link Binary With Libraries section.


Copy files.  (Note*) If you want to link to them be sure to add the location in Framework Search Path.


Important*  In Build Settings, make sure you have -ObjC flag added to your configuration under Other Linking Flags


Step 3 Add required libraries

In your projects “Build Phases” click “Link Binary With Libraries”. Then add the following libraries if they don’t already exist:












Step 4 Edit Info.plist

To support IOS 9 Security add the following to your info.plist:



Step 5 Launch Editor Code

The following sample code segment will launch the Rainmaker Editor from within your app.



Create an Objective-C Bridging Header file and include the following:


#import <RainhutRainmaker/RainhutRainmaker.h>  // depending on location


Add the Delegate for Rainmaker to your class


class EditPhoto: UIViewController, RainhutRainmakerDelegate


Programming Example to Launch Editor


Note* You will need to signup, create an app and obtain a your public & secret developer keys.




Import The Header


#import <RainhutRainmaker/RainhutRainmaker.h>


Add Delegate


@interface ViewController : UIViewController<RainhutRainmakerDelegate>


Programming Example to Launch Editor


Note* You will need to signup, create an app and obtain a your public & secret developer keys.


Step 6 Protocols Code

This sample code deals with callbacks from Rainmaker




Step 7 InApp Sales made easy


Let's make money! Rainmaker has a built-in InApp store that is wired to all the content and templates published to Rainhut by artists, developers and end users. As a developer you only need to setup just one product, RHCoin. This is a Rainhut digital currency used to obtain any product. 


According to Rainhut content provider policy, content providers are able to market both Templates and Special Content Packs, such as fonts or speech bubbles. Templates are designed from the content uploaded to the Rainhut Cloud. Templates contain references in the Rainhut Cloud to all fonts, frames, envelopes etc. When a template is purchased and downloaded by an end-user, the associated content is also downloaded to the end-user's device. This is all handled automagically by Rainhut. 


Artists determine how many RHCoins each template or content pack costs. 


Even though there are thousands of Templates and Content Packs, Developers need only setup one simple consumable product for InApp purchases in their Apps. We make it easy to sell Rainhut Content. And we provide a way for developers to filter what content their users are exposed to in the Rainmaker In-App Store. Please follow these steps for setting up your Rainhut Rainmaker InApp sales in Itunes Connect. 


1. Add One new product to iTunes for In-App Purchases as shown below.


2. Set your product to "consumable." Even though an RHCoin is consumable, Rainhut provides a wallet and an easy way for end-users to recover their RHCoins and products obtained with the coins. 


3. Use the Product ID below. When you choose a language, in iTunes, you can then enter the Display Name and Description for each product.

In-App Coins 

Product ID                      Display Name                         Description


RHCoin                            RHCoin                                    Coins for obtaining more content




4. Upload screen shot. iTunes requires distinct screen shots for each product. Use this image for the RHCoin product.

Itunes In-App Screen Shot

312x390 PNG

Step 8 Customization

You can customize the style, features, and colors for the editor.

Xcode will code assist with these RainhutDeveloperPreferences.


Styles and Features

designDefaultType –  default is 1, 1 is light, 2 is black

designFontFamily –  default is "Avenir-Black"

IncludeEffects – default is true for including photo editing effects

includeTemplates - true will include support for templates. The default is false


Resolution  Options  

highResImage  –  true will always return a high res (original) image. false will return a scaled down image determined by maxResolutionAmount

maxResolutionAmount - resolution in pixels. The default for hiResImage=false is 1024


Protocol Callbacks

saveBeforeReturning - true requests that the SDK save the photo, false indicates that the App intends to save the photo using the protocol function RainhutRainmakerControllerReturnEditedImage

returnSessionData - true indicates the App wants session data returned in the RainhutRainmakerControllerReturnSession protocol function. This enables users to re-edit their creations. See sample projects.


Color Options (UIColor) 

mainBackgroundColor,  mainTextColor, navigationMenuBackgroundColor, navigationMenuButtonTintColor,  navigationMenuButtonTintColorSelected, navigationMenuTextColor, selectedStickerBorderColorAndHandlesSent


Print Services

wallGreens - YES or NO. YES will enable features for sending prints to your nearest Walgreens for pickup.

To go Live with Walgreens simply hit the Walgreens Go Live button in your Apps section when you are ready. We will review your App for actual live printing with revenue. 


IOS Photo Editor Extension

otherOptions:NSMutableDictionary = [

            "Extension": "YES"]


 pref.otherOptions = otherOptions


See the Rainmaker App on Github for more on Photo Editor Extensions. The sample App implements a Photo Editing Extension using Rainmaker. It's very slick and a great learning aid.