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A software development kit (SDK) is a set of tools used for developing or enhancing applications. SDKs are a drop-in solution comprised of application programming interfaces (APIs), user interfaces (UIs), sample code, documentation, etc. They are the building blocks of application development. All good software is based on building blocks like SDKs. Without SDKs, Mobile App Developers would be re-writing everything from scratch.  Let's take a look at the Rainmaker SDK for Mobile App Developers.

Photo Editing & Instant Messaging



Templates & Content Publishing



Mobile Printing Platform



Rapid Revenue

Creative solution for InApp sales and Print revenue. Use existing content and contribute your own. Our Plugin SDK does all the heavy lifting!

And we have the critical patents for Font Distribution


Desktop Power in a Mobile App. This editor is loaded. Combined with content publishing, templates and built in print solutions Rainhut is the World's Best Creative App Maker. 


Developers can even save sessions and provide their users with the ability to re-edit their creations. The PhotoKit version of PSD files. See Docs for details.