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Rainhut is NOT Traditional

You are at the beach, or you are biking and you stop by a river with a Moose drinking. You take some great photos. Now you can't wait to get home and make a cool poster or print or a photo book.

Wait! You have just lost the moment, the inspiration. Just relax and have fun. Build it right there with Rainhut. Then pick up your prints at Walgreens when you get back.

And how do designers build their final Rainhut designs, on their computer? No they do it with their mobile devices. Once their content is published to Rainhut, they can be creative anywhere. Any they see in their designs for photos, books, cards, mugs etc, they see what you as the end user sees. You take their design and tweak it from anywhere. Just add your photos to the design you select and change anything you want. Now that is thinking outside the box. Now you can tickle the alligator while you are thinking about it.

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